Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Is it Friday yet?

I want to find a job that involves walking outdoors when it's sunny and snuggling up under a duvet when it's raining. Any ideas?
The office is pretty quiet this week due to lots of parents taking the half term off. Makes things pretty tedious for those of us who are in, and don't have enough work to do but no-one's in to ask for more. It's not like I mind not having tons to do - unless I'm in the office and feel obliged to look busy. BOOOOOORING.
Apologies if I'm always saying that - I feel like I might be.
I went out at lunchtime, just the normal Road walk to Sainsburys but with my usual walking buddy and another colleague there was no chance to find it boring and the weather was quite nice in between the chilly wind and the sticky humidity in full sunlight. It meant that I was a little more cheerful in the afternoon and more resigned to going back to the office (earlier I'd wanted to just get in my car and drive away). I was slightly miffed because I considered working from home today and decided against it because there was a demo of some software I'll be testing booked in this afternoon. I cheered myself up by deciding to wfh tomorrow instead. And then it was postponed....  until tomorrow afternoon. Arrrrrrrrrrrrrggghhhh..

Food today:
Breakfast: scrambled eggs in butter
Lunch: egg mayo
Dinner:  egg drop soup (made in lovely gelatinous homemade chicken stock from the carcass of a whole free range chicken I roasted on Sunday)
Snacks: cheese


The sun is out.
I'm not.
No fair :-(

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Another week...

I took Sunday and Monday off the egg fast, so in the end did a 5 day fast last week, and lost 4 lbs (it was 5 on Sunday morning, 4 yesterday). This morning it was still 4. I'm really pleased with that (ignoring the question of whether it's all water weight) but as I was so much heavier to start than I want to admit I'm thinking I'll spend a few weeks doing 3 day egg fasts to see if I can peel off some more. Starting today. BTW it's TTOM and as always I've been constipated due to water retention for several days.
The weekend also seems to have fixed my back - relaxation combined with walks that weren't just disguised shopping trips, walks on which I did not take my rucksack and just wandered around enjoying the walk as a walk. Yes, Diane, absolutely agree - there was a dog-shaped hole in those walks, although yesterday it was slightly filled my meeting a lovely friendly German Shepherd and terrier who were kind enough to let me fuss over them for a few minutes (and shed on me for a more ongoing reminder).
How I wish today had been more like that...  I was bored out of my skull at work all day, with no-one to talk to because so many people extended their bank holiday weekend by taking today off. Watching paint dry would have been wildly entertaining by comparison. And I needed some stuff from the pharmacy so I didn't have time to walk.
Then my drive home was extended from the normal 25 - 30 minutes to an hour and a quarter with a detour. There was an accident on my usual route home which had clearly just happened as I was already stuck in the traffic resulting when an ambulance, police car and collision investigator arrived. My detour took me through the centre of 2 small towns in rush hour (exacerbated by the number of cars rerouting around the accident). So my evening was less relaxing than I aim for after a crappy day at work and I doubt I'll sleep well tonight.
I do hope this accident wasn't too serious... there was already a police sign at the same point of the road asking for witnesses to another accident that happened last week. It's a strange place to be a black spot, it looks very open with good visibility. And it's somewhere I drive twice a day. I find that concerning...

Food today:
Breakfast: cream cheese pancakes
Lunch: egg mayo
Dinner:  egg drop soup
Snacks: cheese

Monday, 25 May 2015

Relaxing weekend...

The weather wasn't perfect, but for a bank holiday it was pretty good. I walked quite a lot...


As you can see, I spent my weekend in the woods. 
Just what I needed ;-)

Friday, 22 May 2015

Thank god it's Friday....

Getting a bit sick of eggs now but I want to do at least one more day - so I'll be trying something very different tomorrow for lunch - egg fast lemon baked Custard with lemon drizzle sauce (the recipe is Salted caramel flavoured but I don't have that flavour extract and I do have lemon extract) Hopefully that will shake things up a bit! I'm mentioning it now because 1) I rarely feel I have time to post when I'm not bored at work all day and 2) I made it this evening so it could chill overnight)

I am sulking today because yesterday my back felt better until I went to my meeting in the afternoon, then got worse again, I believe because of the world's least comfortable chairs in that meeting room. They look dead stylish and act like a torture device. Still, as long as they look good...
As I don't always prefer complaining to acting I talked to the lady in reception, who is involved with facilities management as well, and got a new chair for my desk. It still doesn't look ergonomically designed for aging cripples but it is shaped differently to the other one so I'm hoping that it will help. And I walked at lunchtime - along the canal for a change. Much more pleasant than the roads I have been walking on and not too muddy at all. Plus another really short walk after work for a couple of odds and ends from the local shop.
Then I spent the rest of the evening in the kitchen caramelizing onions to freeze, cooking tomorrow's lunch and making 2 dinners (M isn't egg fasting)

Food today:
Breakfast: scrambled eggs
Lunch: egg mayo
Dinner:  buffalo omelette
Snacks: cheese

Thursday, 21 May 2015


Hi Rach!  Nice to hear from someone else who's done this slightly crazy thing ;-)  Do you mind if I ask you a couple (or 20) questions about your experiences? Did you find there was a rebound weight gain after you finished the egg fast? How long did it take for you to feel like eating eggs again? Did you find any really good recipes? Is it something you'd repeat or did you end up wondering how you did it? I'm asking because at the moment I'm considering just doing the plan for a few days this week and then bringing it in every few weeks after that to shake things up , but if I if likely to wind up hating the very idea of an egg for the next year or two I probably shouldn't make any plans :-)
Once again this morning started out all blue skies and sunshine then clouded over by about 7:30. It makes me glad I'm a morning person, since staying in bed a couple of hours later is enough to miss it altogether. Although if it was cloudy on my drive to work then brightened up I wouldn't have to wear sunglasses just to see the road of course.
Speaking of sunglasses and seeing, has anyone noticed that I haven't yet posted about my horrible 'steroid injections around the eye' experience? I was 'prescribed' the treatment on April 16th, and told it would happen within a month so obviously it's all sorted, right? Yeah,  no. The Royal Berkshire Hospital in Reading has forgotten about me again, just like they did for the original surgery. I left a message on the voicemail of the consultant's secretary on Tuesday - haven't heard anything yet, and in the meantime my eyesight in that eye is still complete cr@p so I know it's not fixing itself. God, I get sick of this... I think it's a good Ophthalmology Department when it comes to the hands on stuff but their admin functions suck. So frustrating when you have to chase something you need but also dread...
Today was monumentally boring at work. I went for a walk at lunchtime and was very tempted to not go back afterwards.  I'm trying to think of something else I could do for a living but I'm handicapped by not being willing to take time out for retraining or take a pay cut - so I guess I'll just carry on moaning a lot. If anyone has a few million they'd like to give away as a gift with no strings attached you just let me know...
It was really warm on the walk, and not too windy at all. Sadly I was feeling quite sleepy all morning and had hoped a walk would wake me up, but the weather was too pleasant and I carried on struggling to stay awake all afternoon as well. And I had a meeting at 3 pm too. I am sooooooooooo in need of this bank holiday weekend...

Food today:
Breakfast: fried eggs
Lunch: cream cheese pancakes - recipe at  Joy - I liked them so much last night I immediately made a second batch for lunch today! You can leave out the psyllium husk but then it tastes very like a sweet omelette, but I bet you could get good results subbing in some flour and baking powder since you don't need to low carb /gluten free / egg fast. I used mascarpone for the first batch and philadelphia (both full fat) for the second and both turned out really well.
Dinner:  egg fast Pasta Alfredo
Snacks: cheese

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Finally doing a bit better

Still egging happily today...  It's weird, when I was a teenager I refused to eat eggs for years (I wasn't a big fan of hard boiled or fried eggs, which were all I tended to be offered, and then I was traumatised by a biology lesson in embryology using eggs to demonstrate) until I went to university and developed spontaneous cravings for poached eggs (which I had never eaten -  I assume the cravings were because I was doing a bad job of food planning and my body was letting me know what it needed).  Now here I am eating almost nothing else and enjoying it (though I don't know how long I could carry on that way)
Because I decided at short notice to try this I spent a large part of yesterday evening chopping, blanching and freezing Cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, Brussels sprouts and spinach that I bought before deciding to eat no veg for a few days, to avoid waste. My fridge has never looked so spacious - the same can't be said of my freezer, as I'd also stocked up on meat at Aldi at the weekend. Ah well, when I return to normal low carb it should save money for a week or two.
Another beautiful morning today early on, again followed by clouding over completely to become grey and dreary. Summer can't come soon enough for me!
I did walk at lunchtime - the same boring walk to Sainsburys despite having no shopping to do because yesterday's torrential rain &  hail left my normal alternate routes muddy and slippery. The last thing I need is to slip and twist or jar everything just when my back is finally feeling better. Pity there's so few dry walking options around here though, it would be nice to be able to mix it up more without settling for walking in circles around the business parks... Which I have done before now. Anyway I had company for my walk which is always nice.
I had to do a little overtime today - unlike the last time I worked here it was at 5pm not the hideously antisocial 10pm, and it went quite well so not at all stressful. All overtime should be like that!
Still fighting with my computer though - and that is NOT stress-free. I've used nothing but PCs - Windows all the way - for about 15 years and now I've allowed myself to be talked into going Mac. I swear I'm definitely getting really old because virtually nothing seems intuitive to me on the thing and I keep getting really frustrated with it, which doesn't help. And I work in IT for God's sake! Aaarrggh!!!!

Food today:
Breakfast: fried eggs
Lunch: egg mayo salad
Dinner: cream cheese pancakes
Snacks: cheese