Monday, 28 July 2014

I swear I'm falling. apart.

My recent infection is now pretty much as though it never happened, swelling & pain all gone. Literally 2 days after finishing the antibiotics for that, though, I woke up with an ear infection. I'm guessing the real reason is that the first infection (and 2 different antibiotics) knackered my immune system and it's not yet back up to speed, but I confess my less considered opinion is that my body is punishing me for something / dissolving into mush.  Either way I spent the weekend pumping OTC ear drops in there & apart from feeling extremely hard of hearing in that ear (like being half under water) it seems to be responding well. But still. Aaarrrggh.
On Saturday I had a fairly lazy day - I walked a couple of miles, but no more, put off by the heat. Having said that it was pretty much as hot on Sunday and I managed 5.25 miles - split between 2 slightly shorter walks so the heat didn't feel quite as exhausting & demotivating. I didn't train over the weekend and was too tired this morning for a pre-work session. I also ate too much of the wrong things - being pissed off when it's someone's birthday is a bad combo. Sigh.
Tomorrow is another day...

Friday, 25 July 2014


I'm knackered and lacking energy today but, having walked in total 4.07 miles yesterday (in hotter than hell temperatures, after walking a total of one mile in the preceding two WEEKS...) I'm feeling a lot happier. Almost human in fact. But sooo tired, and I don't know why given that I think I slept reasonably well last night (or at least I don't remember it being one of those nights when I wake up 35 times and take 6 hrs to fall asleep again each time)
I have been very hungry all day as well. By 11:15 am I'd eaten my breakfast, snack & lunch... For a change I wasn't craving sweet gluten-y baked goods or chocolate though. I just filled the gap by buying some natural yoghurt to also boost my gut recovery.
On the subject of that, I have sauerkraut at home & am making some water kefir as well to help with that. I've also been reading a lot about the probiotic properties of resistant starch so I'll be eating cold / chilled & reheated boiled potatoes & white rice for that as well.

Food today:
Breakfast: scrambled eggs with mushrooms, onion & spinach
Lunch: cold pork sandwich - made with this no carb spinach 'bread' (forgot to link this the other day) and a natural yoghurt
Dinner: courgette pasta with homemade (slow cooker) marinara sauce to which I added a tin of sardines in olive oil for protein. With sauerkraut!
Snacks: cashews, cold meat

Thursday, 24 July 2014


OK I overate a lot today. But after 2 weeks of total lack of movement, I also walked 4.07 miles today. So I don't care

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Let me eat cake

Yesterday I started writing a post, got as far as the summary of food and couldn't think of anything at all to write beyond that. I know my life is never that exciting, but recently, while I haven't been going out or training, I really have fallen into a tv watching, cooking, eating sleeping rut - I can barely stay awake for it, let alone make it sound halfway interesting in a post. Of course that's been true for a while so I'm not sure why yesterday I finally couldn't be bothered to try...
So, all the above is still true. I've done a bit more housework since the pain and swelling from the infection (and the upset stomach from the antibiotics) have reduced but I've still walked less than a mile a day and not trained. And though I'm not quoting numbers, I weighed myself yesterday and discovered that the small amount of weight I'd lost over several weeks of struggling has found me again after only 2 weeks of feeling sorry for myself because of the infection - though I'm hoping at least some of that is down to water retention from the crappy carbs I've been eating. Even so, right now it looks like yet another holiday will be started with me being already overweight and dreaming of not adding yet more lbs while away. Hmph. Maybe that answers the question of why I wasn't motivated to post yesterday. And why I ate some cake today, because clearly what I need is more crappy carbs...
Food today:
Breakfast: scrambled eggs with bacon, onion & spinach
Lunch: cold chicken sandwich - made with this no carb spinach 'bread'
Dinner: Sri Lankan beef mince curry with cauliflower rice
Snacks: Greek yogurt with strawberries, half an avocado. Cake

Monday, 21 July 2014

Not bad for a Monday

Well, I'm feeling less depressed now. I've completed one course of antibiotics and the other one finishes Thursday. I'm not entirely happy that I still have a red swollen gland, but it's massively improved from it's worst, and my digestive side effects have settled down too.
I spent the weekend indoors most of the time, working on a software deployment Sunday morning. I had multiple salt baths and ate porridge for breakfast as Diane suggested (with yoghurt stirred in for a double whammy) We also watched two movies that we both enjoyed - World War Z and Seeking a Friend for the End of the World. Very different films, but both very watchable in their own way!
Today I was back in the office, freezing in the overactive air conditioning but quite enjoying being around people again. Won't last of course since I'm fundamentally antisocial but while it does last it's good.
At lunchtime I went into town briefly and quite enjoyed it for the first time in a week - no discomfort and it was nice and warm, but not so hot that I was worried about sweatiness. I hope to go further afield tomorrow.
Hopefully I'm out of the woods and moving forwards finally!

Food today:
Breakfast: eggs scrambled with bacon, leek & mushrooms
Lunch: cream of carrot & coriander soup and a natural yoghurt
Dinner: pork & vegetable stirfry
Snacks: homemade pork scratchings, cashews

Friday, 18 July 2014

I'm a bit depressed at the moment

Taking 2 different antibiotics and not feeling fantastic - possibly because I dived head first into crappy carbs for comfort. Not really in the mood to post and generally a miserable git.
I'm pretty sure I'll feel better once I finish the meds and can start rebuilding my gut again.
I hope anyway

Tuesday, 15 July 2014


I think the infection is fighting back... It's still about a million times better than last week before I got my prescription, both in terms of pain and swelling - but it seems to be more swollen today than it was yesterday. The doctor did say if the antibiotics didn't seem to be doing the job he could add something else so I guess it's not a massive shock if they're not enough on their own - but it's not the rapid healing and moving on I was hoping for. If I'm lucky it's just a temporary irritation because I popped into town at lunchtime - only about half a mile round trip, but more than I've been doing - and it will calm down over night. If not, I might have to contact the clinic again.